How I can help you tame those haywire

Peri-Menopausal symptoms!

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My life was full of stressors along with being a caregiver. Weight gain was an issue, not to mention brain fog, exhaustion and headaches were common.

I always had to have a handful of antacids after anything I ate. She helped me create an exercise and nutrition plan that I could work with. I also was given a specific protocol to eradicate my gut infections. I no longer have to have antacids or suffer from stomach problems.

My HTMA revealed a lot of mineral imbalances along with copper toxicity, which we are still working on. I am feeling so much better than before!

I highly recommend Stacey as she lives her life with intention for health and understands the struggles.

Kathy Stutts- wife, mom, nana

I first started with Stacey for nutritional advice as I was feeling pretty sluggish and feeling weak. 

After getting good results I decided to start working out with her. She got me into the best shape ever.

Unfortunately, I still had inflammation and trouble eating.

Through lab test and digging into my lifestyle and eating habits. Stacey was able to suggest a protocol based on what my body needed. I can now eat food without feeling sick and I even lost weight without trying. NO MORE INFLAMMATION! 

I don't know what 65 years old is supposed to feel like but I feel amazing. I no longer take prescription medications and my energy is through the roof. I am so thankful for what this lady has done to help me.

Vivian Robinson- wife, mom, nana

I struggled greatly! I was not well majority of the time. Stacey helped me completely change my lifestyle. I wasn't so good at exercising on my own, so I started working out with her two days a week. She also held me accountable with my food. 

Since I had auto-immunity she suggested I run a GIMAP and HTMA test. The results came back with lots of issues to work on. It wasn't easy at first; however, noticing I had a lot less pain and the weight was falling off made it easier. I am feeling a great deal better! I have more energy. I don't have any more joint pain. I feel like my internal self is stronger and healthier.

After about a year I had lost 100 pounds by following Stacey's suggestions.

Amber Coggin- Wife, mom of two kids
Teacher to children with dyslexia

Embrace Your Peri-Menopause Like A Boss


Disclaimer: This information is solely for educational purposes. I am not a medical doctor and this in no way is a substitute for medical care. If you have serious symptoms or any serious disorders it is your responsibility to seek medical attention. I do not diagnose or prescribe. I offer lifestyle and nutritional information to help you cooperate with your doctor. In the event you use this information without your doctor’s approval, you are prescribing for yourself which is your constitutional right.