Do You Need a Hormone Reset?

Learn how hormone balance can lead to a life of energy, thriving health and joy!

25+ Years Of Experience As A Fitness Coach and Nutrition Counselor

When I help women balance their hormones and lose weight, it helps them gain confidence, have more energy and be more active. Best of all they can stop hiding behind closed doors or big clothes!

Why they come to me, this is a great question…… I have been through the real struggles of Perimenopause and Menopause. I gained weight, lost my sex drive, lack of energy and could hardly focus.

I was embarrassed, uncomfortable and lost my confidence as a Health & fitness Coach. I have always been able to make good decisions about my health. I loved working out and staying fit and the natural high that comes along with eating clean and being active.

So, I can relate to what women feel. It can be hard to work towards weight loss and hormone issues by yourself when you don’t know what to do or what’s going on inside your body. 

My clients don’t have to do it alone, I am here for them, to keep them accountable, to help cheer them on and provide answers to questions or concerns. 

I have an amazing private Facebook group. I provide education, tips for weight loss, challenges, and my community of women that are going through the same thing are also great for extra support.

My programs are designed to be easy to follow but make no mistake, you must put in the effort for success.

I offer a solution that can bring almost immediate results so they don’t get discouraged, all while helping to build healthy habits for life!

What I Offer For Good Health?

Weight loss tips & Tricks

As a Certified Fitness Coach of 25 years. I know the challenges to lose weight.
Stress of any kind, toxins, lifestyle habits can all impact your efforts.

Nutrition Counseling

I am a Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor and will support you through education and the lifestyle suggestions you need to begin your healing journey.

Healthy Cooking Resources

Being healthy from the inside out starts in the kitchen.
I share with you healthy recipes and videos from my own library and That Clean Life platform created by dietitians.

Success Stories

Hear what my clients have to say.....

I was feeling emotionally and physically sub-par, I needed to make a change. My biggest problem was taking the time and conviction to improve my lifestyle. I needed help so I joined her challenge. Stacey is very personable and is available and willing to answer any questions. Her program taught me how to use nutrition for balancing my energy levels. Her recipes and education on digestion and liver health made things clearer on why we need to take care of ourselves. She is genuine, fun, and passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. At the end of the challenge I felt clean on the inside, higher self-esteem and initiative, and able to focus more clearly. I would say to anyone thinking about joining one of Stacey’s programs, It’s not as scary as you think. But you do have to put in some work to get the results.
I am a retired dental hygienist. I decided to sign up for Stacey’s Challenge because I had no energy and my blood work was starting to creep up on the high side. I recommend you join the Revive Chaotic Hormone Challenge. The support of the private group was very beneficial and Stacey answered all of my questions that I was confused about. I learned so much about how to eat for balancing my hormones and blood sugar. Stacey’s at home workouts were challenging and less than 30 minutes. If you are afraid, do it anyway! After a few days, it's not so difficult.
Gwen Baugher
I had worked with Stacey in the past with workouts and nutrition support and I always felt my best when following her guidance. Life got busy and I had fallen off the path a bit. I started feeling bloated with fatigue and was also in a bad car accident. I learned about her Revive Chaotic Hormones Challenge and couldn’t wait to signup. Stacey challenged us everyday! She taught us about planning and prepping ahead. Her food plan can be easily changed to fit your likes vs dislikes. My skin feels and looks better and I don’t feel full after a few bites. I feel more energy and bonus I lost 6 lbs.! I love the workouts that you can do from home. The Castor Oil detox also helped to improve my digestive issues. Stacey truly cares and helps find options if something doesn’t work for you. The private group is also a plus, we were able to help keep each other accountable. I say Go for it! You can do it and will fill better, I promise!

Jump Start Your Health 

An easy-to-follow self-paced Challenge to help you balance your blood sugar.

You cannot balance Hormones without addressing blood sugar dysregulation

Achieve hormone balance and weight control by following my suggestions for healthy lifestyle changes, handouts, recipes, exercise tips and videos.

This Sugar Challenge, will teach you how to beat sugar cravings, prepare delicious sugar-free recipes and re-energize your life.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with my best go-to tips and tricks for success.

You are invited to join my women’s only private facebook group for support through the challenge and beyond.

Discover how to balance food and diet for the rest of your life – FINALLY.


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